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Digital Transformation

New digital engagement report: What it means post-COVID

To better understand the effects of COVID-19 on businesses, find the comprehensive report made in 9 countries. While some findings were shocking, they weren’t a surprise.

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Brand management

How to stay connected with your customers during a crisis

We know that many businesses are facing unexpected challenges including keeping in touch with customers, so we wanted to share a few things you can …

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Productivity and Leap day

Hi there, It’s leap month! I’m thrilled about the extra day and have wild plans that involve some chocolate and staying in bed. I’ve included …

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Brand management

What is email spoofing and why it can seriously damage your company’s reputation?

How come your customers are receiving emails from your domain, but you never sent them? This scenario (think of phishing) can seriously damage your company’s reputation and should be fixed as soon as possible.

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How to avoid design decisions by a group

It’s a heart-sink moment. You’ve just presented a new design to a client, and they appear delighted. Then they utter the kiss of death: “I …

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